Your Choices Out Of Houses For Sale In Ottawa

While it's not as popular a destination as its provincial sister Toronto, the national capital of Ottawa is a source of many white collar and government jobs and as a result has become a magnet for people in other parts of Canada who are looking for work. Ottawa has the reputation of being a clean, well ordered city, but with so few TV shows and movies set there, potential new residents have little idea of what types of real estate they will be able to buy when they get there. This article will provide a brief overview of the popular types of living space in Ottawa.


Increasing population, especially of younger single people coming into the city for work, has made condos a popular choice for home buyers in Ottawa. Most condos are located in high density neighborhoods in the city center, which means they are convenient to workplaces, bars, and restaurants, reducing the need for condo residents to own cars and have long commute times to their jobs. Owning a condo also frees them from having to do a lot of exterior maintenance. The average price for a standard 2 bedroom condo is $216,000 to $351,000

Town Houses

If you'd like to own your own home but all of the single family houses for sale in Ottawa are either too expensive or too far outside the city to appeal to you, you might consider a town house. Town houses are generally found in city neighborhoods outside the center but not so far out that they would be considered suburbs. They have their own parking and often a small yard. In fact, they differ from traditional detached homes only in that they tend to be constructed in rows with one or both sides attached to their neighbors. Costs for town houses in Ottawa range from $260,000 to $372,000 depending on the neighborhood.

Detached Homes

And finally, there are many detached homes in Ottawa neighborhoods that are suitable for couples and families of all sizes. Homes range from small bungalows in the $324,000 range to large mansion homes whose price tags are in excess of $2,500,000 on average. The location is one of the biggest factors that determines house price, along with size and condition.

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